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PMR Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Ltd. is one of the very first polish law firms , specialized only in insolvency , bankruptcy and composition law. Such precise scope of expertise influences high skills and significant experience of PMR partners and team members.
PMR team is proud to offer the highest professional standards in all aspects of insolvency and reorganization law (hereinafter referred to as BRL) and also in certain proceeding related to financial relations between entrepreneurs , which can be solved on civil law and civil procedure basis.
PMR partners are all licensed insolvency practitioners , complying the latest regulations of Law on the Licensing Administrators. Mr. Maciej R. Pietrzak , founder and senior partner of PMR holds the Ministry of Justice License number 5 , Mr. Piotr Chudzia – managing partner and Mr. Michal Nowicki – partner – both holds Ministry of Justice licenses with numbers below 150. It shows that PMR partners were among the first insolvency practitioners in Poland , successfully applying for the license and passing the respective two-phase examination process.
Thanks to deep knowledge and experience PMR team members are able to act in various capacities in BRL and civil proceedings such as :

PRELIMINARY REORGANISATION PROCEEDING , regulated by BRL - available for entrepreneurs facing imminent illiquidity. This proceeding is a form of out-of-court reorganization. PMR experts are able to provide comprehensive service for entrepreneurs in respective situation and advice necessary steps in applicable. If so – PMR specialist are able to prepare necessary documentation , among other the vital document – petition and proposition of reorganization. If – for variety of reasons the entrepreneur is excluded from this proceeding PMR team will prepare an alternative plan.
In preliminary reorganization proceeding PMR team members are capable to act as court supervisors – appointed by the court.

INSOLVENCY PROCEEDING WITH THE AIM OF COMPOSITION , also regulated by BRL. It is vital to be supported by experienced and professional advisor , when it comes to such a serious proceeding as insolvency. PMR partners are experienced in the capacity of trustees in number of cases , so based on own experiences they are able to provide assistance for debtors , to effectively start the proceeding (file the petition) , establish necessary relations with the court (especially when debtors’ management of assets was not dismissed) with the trustee and with creditors.
PMR team member are also able to act as representative of creditors and to effectively advice on both strategy and tactics of composition proceeding.
Naturally – being the licensed insolvency practitioners PMR partners are able to be appointed as trustees.

INSOLVENCY PROCEEDING WITH THE AIM OF LIQUIDATION , regulated by BRL. This proceeding is the only in polish law that can be literally called “the bankruptcy”. In this very proceeding the role of experienced advisor is also vital for the debtor. The advice provided by PMR is based on long term practice of bankruptcy administrators. PMR is capable to support the entrepreneurs in the faze of filling the petition – which is highly formal and difficult stage and during the whole proceeding , known for it’s long lasting and very complicated nature.
PMR offers it’s skills and knowledge in the capacity of advisors for creditors during liquidation proceedings – it is worth to underline , that liquidation proceedings in Poland are very long indeed and require a lot of practical experience , so those are not very welcome by law firm of general character. In such cases PMR strategy of proving highly specialized services is most visible.
Licensed insolvency practitioners can obviously be appointed as administrators in liquidation proceeding.

Specific and almost unknown execution proceeding , described in polish civil procedure. PMR experts are authors of numerous publications in various polish media on that subject. Compulsory management is mend to facilitate the process of execution of receivables thanks to legal way of “switching off” debtors’ authority on enterprise. Instead of debtor - court appoints compulsory manager ( in this capacity only the licensed insolvency practitioners can be appointed) , who takes over the responsibility of satisfying creditors claims.
Compulsory manager is entitled to satisfy creditors claims using enterprise bottom line profit , sell selected assets or even sell the whole enterprise. All the actions are to be taken under court supervision.
This proceeding has certain economical incentives for all parties involved : it’s relatively fast , prevents the value of debtors enterprise even when it’s mend to be sold as a whole by compulsory manager – there is a chance to get higher price for it (unlike in liquidation proceeding , selling selected assets).

Partners of PMR Licensed Insolvency Practitioners are all founding members of Polish Chamber Of Insolvency Practitioners . Mr. Maciej R. Pietrzak is a chairman of PCIP.

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